Tuke Austrian

SS Austrian

SS Austrian


Built 1867 at Glasgow by Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.
Launched February 1867
Maiden Voyage 18th July 1867; Liverpool – Quebec – Montreal
Length 319ft
Beam 38.5ft


Passenger List

Connolly, Pat
Connolly, James
Meally, Martin
Meally, Mary T
Meally, William
Meally, Pat
Meally, John
Meally, ???
Meally, Stephen
Meally, Thomas
Meally, Martin
Conroy, Pat
Conroy, Ann
Conroy, Mary
Conroy, Michael
Conroy, Martin
Conroy, Fechin
Conroy, Ann
Conroy, Ellen
Conroy, Thomas
Thornton, Pat
Thornton, Bridget
Thornton, John
Thornton, William
Higgins, ???
Higgins, Ellen
Higgins, Pat
Higgins, Bridget
Higgins, Ann
Higgins, Mary
Higgins, Ellen
Higgins, Pat
Higgins, ???
Higgins, Bridget
Connolly, Thomas
Connolly, Julia
Connolly, Margaret
Connolly, Mary
Connolly, James?
Finn, Thomas
Burke, James
Burke, Michael
Finni, Michael
???, James
???, John
Mitchell, Allan
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Sarah
Mitchell, Eliza
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Bridget
Mitchell, Lucy
Sullivan, Pat
Sullivan, Bridget
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Thomas
Sullivan, Honor
Sullivan, Robert
Cosgrove, Thomas
Cosgrove, Bridget
Cosgrove, Michael
Cosgrove, Ellen
Joyce, Honor
Joyce, Martha
Joyce, James
Joyce, Thomas
Joyce, Mary Ann
Joyce, Margaret
McCormack, Martin
McCormack, Ann
McCormack, Bridget
McCormack, Mark
McCormack, Martin
McCormack, James
McCormack, Pat
Connolly, Michael
Connolly, Thomas
Ridington, Mary Ann
Ridington, Martin
Ridington, Michael
Ridington, William
Ridington, James
Cosgrove, James
Cosgrove, Ellen
Cosgrove, Ann
Cosgrove, Bridgit
O'Flaherty, Martin
Ludden, Pat
Joyce, Mary
Folan, Mary
Costello, Kate
Mulkern, Hugh
Mally, Thomas
Burke, James
Connolly, Ellen
Hawkins, Peter
McGuire, Brid
Grun, Catherine
McDonald, Martin

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