Healy/Mulkerrin Family, Ardbear Clifden

Healy/Mulkerrin Family, Ardbear Clifden

Patrick Healy was one of the early settlers of the new town of Clifden. The first documented mention of him is the list of freeholders published in the Connaught Journal in 1830.

In the same newspaper published Nov 20 1834 he appears on a list of jurors; a farmer living in Ardbear.

1846 finds him in Slater’s Directory living in Ardbear and gives his occupation as a contractor. Now family lore says he was involved in the building of the road to Roundstone and the Weir Bridge at Salt Lake. This would place him in Clifden in the early 1820s.

According to Griffiths Valuation 1855 he held 15 acres of land at Ardbear.

In Slater’s Directory of 1870 he is again listed as a contractor living at Ardbear.

Patrick married Margaret McDonnell and had one daughter Mary Anne.

He died in 1872 aged 100yrs.

His widow Margaret married Festus Gannon & in 1901(census) they are living at Ardbear. By 1911(census) Margaret has died and Festus Gannon is living alone at Ardbear.

Mary Anne Healy married Michael Mulkerrin from Streamstown on

1st August 1889 and went on to have 14 children. In 1901 (census) the family are living in Letterdeen and Michael gives his occupation as a shepherd. They have 6 children: Delia, Thomas, Patrick, Michael, MaryMargaret & Festus.

By 1911 (census) the family has moved into town and live on Market St. and Michael is a general labourer. I believe he worked at the Marconi Radio Station at Derrygimla, most likely as a turf cutter. Both Michael & Mary Anne speak Irish & English.

Of the 14 children born only 11 are alive; Thomas, Patrick, Michael, Mary Margaret, Festus, John, James, Joseph & Kathleen (twins), William & Annie.

There is no occupation given for his eldest son Thomas but Patrick is a post boy & Michael a telegraph messenger.

By 1917 Festus Gannon has died & Michael & Mary Anne move to the property at Ardbear.

Patrick & Thomas fought in WW1 with the Connaught Rangers; Michael who by this time had emmigrated to America also served in both WW1 & WW2

Michael had emmigrated to America in 1913 followed by Patrick in 1920 & James in 1928. In 1919 Michael married Georgia Mary Kuder and their descendents are living between Pittsburgh and San Francisco. As often happens the spelling of the name changed and shortly after arriving Michael spells his surname with only one ‘R’.

By 1930 (United States Federal census) Patrick is also living in Pittsburgh with his wife Mary (Joyce) and James who arrived in 1928 is living with them.

While I can find no further trace of Patrick after 1930 and have no idea if he had any children; I am in contact with the grandson of James in Pittsburgh; and met with Michael’s grandson when he visited some years ago.

Of the children left at home Festus, Mary Margaret & Kathleen all married but had no children. Thomas & Joseph stayed single. William married & had 6 children of which I am the youngest.

Bridget & Peter died in infancy; Delia died 1903 and John died in 1915

Annie married and her daughter and I now both have our homes on that same plot of land our great grandfather Patrick Healy farmed way back in the early 1800s.

Bernie Mulkerrin-Budd

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  1. Robert Keyes says:

    from research at IrishGenealogy.com and various American records and family trees on Ancestry.com

    Towns are in Clifden area, unless otherwise noted.
    PGH is an abbreviation For Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

    Michael Mulkerrein (a.k.a. Mulkern), b. abt. 1858 Streamstown, to Michael
    Mary Ann Healy (a.k.a. Healey) b. abt 1862 probably in Ardbear to Patrick
    married 1 Aug 1889 in Clifden.

    Bridget (Delia) b. 23 Dec 1890 Streamstown, d. 12 Jan 1903 in Letterdean (pneumonia)
    Thomas b. 29 Dec 1892 Streamstown, d. perhaps 9 Apr 1963 in Eire
    Patrick b. 1 Apr 1894 Streamstown, d. 25 Feb 1957 in Pittsburgh
    m. Mary Joyce
    Michael Frank, b. 10 Aug 1895 Racecourse, d. 12 Oct 1968 in Pittsburgh
    m. Georgia Kuder (1899-1998)
    ch: Michael Lewis, b. 21 Oct 1921 PGH, d. 15 Oct 1925 in PGH (stove set clothes on fire)
    James Patrick, b. 2 Oct 1922 PGH, d. 12 May 1991 in Santa Maria, California
    m. Myrtle Louise Quintrall (1922-2003)
    Mary, b. 1 Aug 1924 in PGH, d. Feb 1996 in PGH
    m. Chester C. Stein
    John, b. 24 Nov 1925 in PGH, d. 2 Oct 1949 in PGH (auto accident)
    Mary Margaret, b. 1 Oct 1896 in Letterdeen. possibly d. 2 May 1975 in Eire
    m. ? Mooney ?
    Festus, b. 3 Jan 1898 in Letterdeen
    John, b. 11 May 1901 in Letterdeen
    James, b. 23 Dec 1902 in Clifden. d. Jul 1963 in PGH
    m. Florence Joyce (1906-1985; she is my niece of a husband of 1st cousin 3x removed)
    ch. Alice (b. abt. 1927 in PGH), Martin (b. abt. 1938 in PGH), Mary (b. abt 1939 in PGH)
    Catherine, b. 6 Oct 1904 in Clifden
    ?Kathleen, b. 1905, d. 29 Mar 1992 Eire? (from a family tree, could be Catherine)
    Joseph, b. 6 Oct 1904 in Clifden, d. maybe 10 Aug 1995 in Eire
    William, b. 4 Dec 1906 in Clifden, d. maybe 7 Jun 1990 in Eire
    m, ? Ellie (-2003) ?
    Helena, b. 29 Apr 1908 in Clifden
    Anne, b. 28 Feb 1910 in Clifden, d. maybe 1954 in Clifden

    This is a branch off of the tree I am doing on Ancestry, ‘Clonbur Families’

  2. Hello,
    I am Maureen Annie’s daughter who still lives in Ardbear. I would like to point out that both Kathleen and Joseph were twins and wer born on 06/10/1904. Kathleen indeed died on 29th March 1992 and Joseph died on 10th August 1905.
    I found all the information very interesting, thank you

  3. Joanne Kearney says:

    Hello, I stumbled across this page while looking for information about Ardbear. My Great Great grandfather, Martin O’Toole, was born there in 1839. His parents were John Toole and Mary Joyce (Joice). I can not find Slater’s Directory of 1846 for Ardbear and was wondering if you have access to that, can you tell me if John Tool was living there in 1846. Later children appear to have been born in Gortrummagh in the 1850s. Not sure where John and Mary were born or married..

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