Memorial Roll of Honour of West Connemara Men who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

Compiled by Bernie Jeffries

Memorial Roll of Honour of West Connemara Men who lost their lives in the Great War 1914-1918.

BERRY, Martin.Clifden Reg No: K/6653 Royal Navy

31 May 1916 age 24

BETTS, Conrad.Recess. G Sqdn Royal Air Force

17 April 1918. Age 19

BINGHAM, George. Roundstone ,Reg No 200016 Duke of Cornwall

18 August 1916 Age 30

BURKE, Joseph. Clifden. Reg. No: 25897 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers 6th Battalion

September 9 1916. Age 28

CAROLIN Joseph. Clifden Reg No: 201196 Manchester Regiment

9 October 1917

CANAVAN, Michael. Clifden. Reg. No. 14668. Private.Royal Scots 13th Battalion.

September 15 1915

CLOHERTY,Christopher.Inishboffin.Reg. No. 40535 Private Dublin Fusiliers.

March 29 1918

CLOHERTY, Joseph.Cleggan. Reg. No. 114 Private Connaught Rangers 5th Battalion

January 12 1917

CONNOLLY,Michael.Clifden. Reg.No. 6534 Private Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

March 2 1918

DISHELL, Thomas. Ballyconneely. Reg.No.40522 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

May 6 1918

EASTWOOD, Bernard Ballinakill. Reg No: 38093 Royal Field Artillery

7 August 1915

EASTWOOD, Frank.Letterfrack. Reg. No.32789.Private Highland Light Infantry 2nd Battalion

April 28 1917

EASTWOOD,William.Clifden.Reg.No.12754.Private Royal Scots 11th Battalion.

October 23 1916

FLOOD,Michael,Clifden.Reg.No.8472.PrivateConnaught Rangers 6th Battalion

September 3 1916 Age32

FOLAN,John.Clifden. Reg. No.5890 Private Connaught Rangers 5th Battalion

October 9 1918 Age 26

GALLAGHER, Thomas.Clifden. Reg.No.6388.R.S.M.Connaught Rangers 5th Battalion.

October 10 1918

GEARY, Michael. Clifden. Reg. No.5807.Private Connaught Rangers 1st Battalion.

April 6 1917 Age22

GORHAM John .Errislannan.Reg.No.10056 Sergeant Scottish Rifles10th Battalion

September 15 1916

GORHAM, Martin. Roundstone. Reg No: 18123 Leinster Regiment

18 June 1918 Age 21

GRAHAM,Byron John. Cleggan Mercantile Marine

19 September 1917 Age 28

GORHAM,Owen.Inishnee. Reg. No.2/10387.Private Irish Guards 2nd Battalion

July 31 1917 Age24

GUY(GREY),William. Clifden.Reg. No.11691 Private Irish Guards2nd Battalion

October 9 1917

HENSHALL,William. Clifden.Reg.No. 6991Private Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

September 8 1916

JOYCE,Festus.Clifden. Reg.No.9151 Private Connaught Rangers5th Battalion

December 7 1915 Age34

JOYCE, Patrick.Leenane. Reg No 10376 Scottish Rifles

9 May 1915

JOYCE, Stephen Anthony. Fahy Reg No 6636 Irish Guards

30 September 1915 Age 23

JOYCE, Stephen. Maam. Reg No 395 Connaught Rangers

21 August 1915 Age 21

JOYCE, William. Cashel. Reg No 23040 Royal Inniskillin Fusiliers

28 December Age 21

KELLY,Patrick.Cleggan.Reg.No.1476 Private Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

September 9 1916 Age 39

KENNEDY,Andrew. Roundstone Reg. No.2373 Rifleman Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion

May 7 1915

KENNY,John.Letterfrack.Reg. No.10127 Sergeant 2nd Lenister Regiment

June 10 1917

LALLY,Peter.Roundstone Reg.No. 3281 Private Irish Guards 1st Battalion

May 18 1915 Age36

LAVERY,Michael. Ballyconneely.Reg. No. 6501 Private Connaught Rangers 6th Battalion

January 11 1918 Age 19

LYDEN, Michael. Letterfrack Reg. No. 13515 Private Royal Scots Fusiliers

January 7 1917 Age 34

LYDEN,James. Roundstone Reg. No. 4821 Private Irish Guards !st Battalion

September 15 1916

LYONS, Albert. Maam Cross. Reg No: 710 South Irish Horse

13 March 1915 Age 19

MULCARRAN, Anthony. Clifden Reg No 3947 Private Yorkshire Regiment

28 December 1915 Age 43

MCDONALD, William. Clifden Reg. No. 594 Private Connaught Rangers 5th Battalion

August 23 1915

MCDONNELL, Mark. Clifden Reg. No. 4380 Private Royal Iniskilling Fusiliers 8th Battalion

August 16 1917

NEEDHAM, Martin. Clifden Reg.No. 5991 Private Connaught Rangers 1st Battalion

July 11 1917 Age26

O’DONNELL, Martin. Roundstone Reg. No. 14118 Private Durham Light Infantry 14th Battalion

February 14 1916

O’DOWD, John. Errislannan. Reg No 4718Private Connaught Rangers

26 April 1918 Age 29

O’MALLEY, Martin. Recess. Reg No: 4858 Rifleman London Irish Rifles

15 September 1916

O’MALLEY, Vincent. Ross. Reg No: 3913 Private Connaught Rangers

21 August 1915

O’TOOLE, Joseph. Clifden Reg. No. 11643 Private Irish Guards 2nd Battalion

September 13 1917 Age 19

PATTON,Timothy Clifden Reg. No.7125 Rifleman Royal Irish Rifles 2nd Battalion

October 6 1914

ROACH, Michael. Clifden Reg. No.11173 Private Northumberland Fusiliers 8th Battalion

August 20 1917 Age 27

SULLIVAN, John. Ballinafad Clifden Reg. No. 3893 Private Connaught Rangers 2nd Battalion

November 4 1914 Age 40

TULLOCH, Graham deM,Lushington. Moyard. Connaught Rangers

5 November 1914 Age 28


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  1. Vincent King says:

    Good afternoon,
    I am looking for any information relating to my Grand Father, Michael Joseph King.
    DOB 07/07/1912
    Born clifden area
    Married to Angus O’Halloran of I believe Innisboffen
    Resided in Errislannon until the late 1930s
    Joined British Army at out break of WW2 and was involved in action at Dunkirk, par de calais in 1939-1940
    Passed away in early 1980s and laid to rest in the cemetery in Errislannon

    Any information helping my search would me of great assistance
    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future

    Best regards
    Vincent King

    • Going on to the British National Archives website is good I got a copy of a medal card of a family member in WWI, knowing what regiment he was in would make your search a lot easier but being Irish and at Dunkirk I am guessing he was most likely in the Irish Guards who stood firm when the retreat was called allowing the rest of the French and British forces to evacuate.

  2. Paul Joyce says:

    Hi I have just been looking at the WW1 web site and noted a Connaught Ranger killed in action came from Market Street Clifden. His name was Festus Joyce, son of Michael and Mary.
    As my dad came from Clifden I wondered if we were related in any way?

  3. Bernie MulkerrinBudd says:

    I compiled the Roll of of Honour from many sources, it is therefore not complete.I would love to hear from any family members & will share any additional information I may have such as medals issued & Cemetery details.

    • Great work great young men who had in a way go and join to try and better them self and fight and die for a cause which I am sure some did not know nothing about God be good to them all

  4. patrick mcgrath says:

    pat canavan and coleman walsh from rosmuc died in the great war.

  5. Susan Kane says:

    James Hyland, Cloonluane, Renvyle, Co. Galway
    Private Connaught Rangers 6th Bn
    Died 4/6/1917 in Ypres. Aged 22

  6. There should be a memorial of some sorts to honor these men, the times have moved on. We shall not forget. Quis Separabit.

  7. Robyn Rowland says:

    HI Bernie

    i’m writing a book of poems on Gallipoli and wonder if or anyone else might have a knowledge of any of these men who fought there and details? Stories even better. Book nearing publication but as I live here I’d like someone local in it. thanks Robyn

  8. FOLAN,Patrick.derrygimla Clifden. Reg. No.890 Private Connaught Rangers 5th Battalion

    August 27 1915 Age 28 Killed in Action Gallipoli

    Brother of John mentioned above.
    A third brother Thomas Folan also joined Connaught Rangers in World War I, was seriously injured but survived, later joined West Connemara Brigade Old IRA during war of independeance, and fought as a Captain in Free State Army in Civil War

  9. hello, am a decendant of Stephen Anthony joyce, (lance corporal) on roll of honour above, he was killed 100 years ago this year, on 30 September. been doing ancestry research for a couple of years now, he wasn’t the only one in my family to die in WW1, we lost pvt, Patrick slattery kings royal rifles soldier number 7071. he too never came home and is buried in thiepval cemetery, france, in 1916. one from either side of the family, joyce was my nan’s uncle, and slattery was my granddad’s uncle. I have one of the “Death penny” with his name on it. I hope I am worthy enough to have the honour of owning it to pass on, down the future generations, I have no pictures of either men, yet, but would love to get photos one day. I feel I owe them enough to show interest in their short lives.

  10. Hi! Good day to all!

    My Great Great Uncle Thomas McGilloway, who was born in Derry, died fighting with Connaught Rangers in WW 1. Does anyone have any knowledge or information about Thomas?

    Best to you,


  11. patricia douglas says:

    My great uncle Michael Lavelle Cloonamore Inishbofin Private Royal Scots 13th battalion 41276 Died Ypres 01/08/1917. His brother Peter my grandfather fought in the Boer war in South Africa with The Connaught Rangers and survived.

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