Tuke Austrian

SS Austrian

SS Austrian


Built 1867 at Glasgow by Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd.
Launched February 1867
Maiden Voyage 18th July 1867; Liverpool – Quebec – Montreal
Length 319ft
Beam 38.5ft


Passenger List

Toole, Honora
Toole, Andrew
McCormack, Michael
Hannagan, Michael
Bane, Honor
McGarry, Bridget
Grealish, Bridget
Cohill, James
Cohill, Alice
Cohill, Mary Ann
Cloonan, Honor
Cloonan, Bartley
Cloonan, Tim?
Cloonan, James
Gorham, Martin
Gorham, Honor
Gorham, Mary
Gorham, Brid
Gorham, James
Gorham, Michael
Gorham, Kate
Richardson, Martin
Richardson, Maria
Richardson, William
Richardson, Harrietta
Richardson, James
Richardson, Fanny
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Martin
Ward, Mary
Ward, ???
Ward, Michael
Ward, Catherine
Joyce, Pat
Joyce, Mary
Joyce, Bridget
Joyce, John
Joyce, Honor
Joyce, Peter
Joyce, Margaret
Toole, Pat
Toole, Mary
Toole, Mary
Toole, Catherine
Toole, Ann
Toole, Margaret
Conolly, Val
Conolly, Catherine
Conolly, Bridget
Conolly, Margaret
Conolly, Pat
Conolly, Mary
Conolly, Honor
Conolly, John
Conolly, Michael
Wallace, Pat
Wallace, Mary
O'Donnell, Mark
O'Donnell, Mary
O'Donnell, Thomas
Toole, John
Toole, Kate
Toole, Martin
Toole, Margaret
Toole, John
Toole, Ann
Finneran, Michael
Finneran, Helen
Finneran, Mary Kate
Connolly, John
Connolly, Agnes
Connolly, John
Connolly, Margaret
Connolly, Ann
Connolly, Winifred
Connolly, Ellen
Fisher, Fechin
Burke, Fechin
Burke, Betsy
Burke, Thomas
Burke, Bridget
Burke, John
Burke, Mary
Burke, Pat
Burke, Ann
McDonagh, Pat
McDonagh, Mary
McDonagh, Pat
McDonagh, Martin
McDonagh, Mary
McDonagh, Ellen
McDonagh, Michael
McDonagh, Bridget
Connolly, Michael
Connolly, Bridget
Connolly, Michael
Connolly, Margaret
Connolly, Mary Ann
Connolly, Mark
Connolly, Bridget

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