Tuke Nepigon

SS Lake Nepigon

SS Lake Nepigon

The SS Lake Nepigon (also listed as SS Lake Nipigon) was Launched in 1875 and operated by the Beaver Line. She made  at least 35 voyages from Liverpool to Canada from 1875 to 1894. On a voyage in 1893 she was damaged by ice at the Straits of Belle Isle and was forced to return to Montreal for repairs. In 1895 she was sold and renamed Golden Fleece. The vessel was shipwrecked one year later on 9th June 1896 near Port Marant, Japan.


Built 1875, Glasgow by London & Glasgow Co. LTD
Launched 22nd February 1875
Maiden Voyage 27th April 1975; Liverpool – Quebec – Montreal
Length 321.1ft
Beam 35.2ft


Passenger List

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